Visit Tanzania and experience real African cuisine - ISB-GMO
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African cuisine

Visit Tanzania and experience real African cuisine

Tanzania is the biggest country in the East Africa, and it has around 1400 kilometers of coast. The majority of the country is desert, but a lot of cities have boomed on and near the coastline. Until several years ago the main source of food in this country was the sea, but new advances in the biochemistry have boosted agricultural output of Tanzania.

Parties that revived Tanzanian agriculture

This agriculture boom happened thanks to the government and private investors that came in with money and ideas on how to change the state of farming. The government with its advanced policies opened the doors for investors and that changed the country in less than ten years.

Tanzanian products you have to tryTanzanian government preaches peace and freedom and their policies are directed to the economic freedom where anyone can invest in the country and make a profit, as long as their actions help the country and its people. Those policies attracted many investors, both foreign and domestic and they all had a positive impact on Tanzanian economy.

Jeetu Patel is a good example of a local investor who helped his country. Jeetu Patel Tanzaniahas widely known the term in the East Africa and especially in the said country. He joined the government in their efforts to raise the level of the agriculture through the import of genetically modified seeds that could survive conditions found in the country. This boosted the output as more plants managed to survive the harsh climate.  This meant that Tanzania could open its borders and receive tourists and offer them a wide variation of African and authentic Tanzanian cuisine.

Tanzanian products you have to try

When you decide to visit Tanzania and its beautiful beaches, don’t forget to try their cuisine. Don’t expect a lot of meat in Tanzania as they rarely cook it. If you see meat on the menu, then ask for ndayu which is a young roasted goat as the meat is tender and just delicious.

You should also try ugali (Tanzanian national dish) which is a dough made from sorghum, cassava flour or miller. The best way to eat it is with fish, vegetables or meat (with sauce).

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