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Masks and Respirators are some of the best covers which will allow you to stay in the best shape. There are a lot of different types of masks which are available in the market and finding the right one can be very difficult. In this article, we are going to learning about the ways to differentiate between the masks to ensure that you find the right one for you.

Types of Masks and respirators

Face mask: Face mask is one of the best ways to cover your face from any particles which are exposed by you by wearing the mask. This is a mask which made to fit all, but it might be tight or lose to a lot of people. There is not filtration efficiency which makes it very difficult to keep yourself protected. This is one mask which is not made to resist bodily fluids.

Surgical mask: Surgical mask as the name suggest is made for surgical purposes, which is effective in expelling particles from the environment. There are generally used as a physical barrier where surgeons use it to protect their face from droplets of bodily fluids. The mask is easily stretched but can filter more than 95% of the bacteria in the air.
N95 Respirator: N95 respiration is a mask which can allow you to get the right exposure which is capable of filtering even the small airborne particles or contaminants. But, they may not protect you against sprays and other direct liquid which is sprayed. This is one mask which is the perfect fit and provides maximum protection from any other masks. Try to make sure that when you are buying this mask ensure that it is of best quality, check out this OxyBreath Pro Review for better understanding of the mask.

Simple rules for effective mask usage

• Try to make sure that we have an appropriate mask which will allow you to get the right protection.
• There are instructions on the mask which needs to follow.
• Make sure you practice proper removal methods which keep everyone safe from any viruses.
• Reduce the amount of talking when wearing masks. This will ensure that there is lower condensation.
• Do not reuse the mask which is contaminated after one use.
• When purchasing, make sure that you are buying quality products from websites or sellers.

Use of masks and respirators for children
Respirators are designed to help ensure that you have the right fit for children as well. The faces of children are small for the respirators which can fit properly to match the adequate protection. Try to make sure that you are building the right protection for your children. This will ensure that you are keeping your child safe.

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