About - ISB-GMO
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Welcome to the ISBGMO about page!

To make matters quick, let’s answer what most of you are here for: who are we and what do we do.

Well, as mentioned above, we are ISBGMO, a collection of biotech experts and science enthusiasts here to deliver contents regarding the topic mentioned. Our team consists of lab and field experts working on sectors revolving biotechnology.

Our goal here is to provide our readers top of the line, latest, and relevant articles that are related to our profession. We’ll cover everything. News, breakthroughs, discoveries; what are the trend in biotech, people who are currently relevant and their contribution in the field.

We’ll dive into the world of genetics. GMOs and their pros and cons, their importance and possible health threats; clear the mist of the myths and misconceptions; politics and legislations that are involved, and many, many more.

We will strive to do everything we can to deliver on this. We are a busy lot, and there are a lot of projects that we are currently involved in, but this will not stop us from writing and talking about something that we deeply cherish.

We know there are people out there who feel the same way. We hope our small voices here in this site would ripple out and reach them. And ripple even farther to those who aren’t involved in biotechnology but are interested in it all the same.

The things we do in our line of work are of paramount importance. It isn’t much when you look at it at a close distance, but see it as a whole – the researches, the gathered data; solving problems in the field – can impact the world in a far greater effect than one would think.

Progress in medicine, advancement in science, even the possibility of solving world hunger is within the scope of biotechnology. This is why we are so passionate about it.

Imagine helping a world be a better place, helping someone across the globe; someone you wouldn’t even meet in your lifetime yet realize that somehow, some way, you have changed their lives for the better.

Of course it wouldn’t always be this grand here in our little corner.

We’ll share our experiences with you as well. Our day in the field, in the lab; experiments we did, places we’ve been. Don’t worry, we’ll only include those that are interesting and leave the dull bit on our end.

You can even share some of your experiences with us and we’ll try to incorporate it in our next blog. Send us a paragraph or two of any exciting or humorous experiences you’ve experienced in biotech or just science in general.

You can place it on our comment section below or send us a direct message. Just head over to our contact page to see how you can reach us. See you around everyone and for more information, you can contact us here.