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jurassic worldAs Jurassic World conquered the US box office, as it landed the 3rd highest grossing film in 2015, the question of having live dinosaurs in our time has again come to mind. Extracting dinosaur DNA from fossilized amber certainly makes for a great science fiction classic. It’s also called fiction because it’s too far-fetched to happen in real life. Or is it? Modern science has shown promise with a few extinct mammals.
improved quality Biotechnology is an industry involving the manipulation of DNA to create more desirable molecules. Mendel’s work with pea plants determined that living things do share traits. Geneticists study the nature of DNA in order to better understand heredity of several species. Recent genetic engineering practiced in the lab are found in the supermarkets as genetically modified vegetables. Certain diseases are combated with DNA altered in the laboratory. Biotechnology is the field of perfecting life.