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The number of people that buy organic food is on the rise which is excellent news for people who produce it as well as the environment we all live in. Some people buy it because it’s better than other alternatives and its production doesn’t harm...

The GMO represent the food that is genetically modified through the use of gene technology. Do note that this is different from standard modification of the plants where they are exposed to harmful influences and only the best are chosen for breeding of next generation....

farmers marketDown on the farm, freshness and variety may be nearer than you think. Farmers’ markets are catching on all over the country, and new markets are popping up every year. The only way you can beat the freshness is by strapping on a green thumb and growing the produce yourself.
labeling discrepanciesAmericans trust that ingredients on food labels are complete and safe. Yet, few know and even less approve of the undisclosed, genetically modified food in the pantry. The Food and Drug Administration has no reason to believe that bioengineered food is any different from food grown with original DNA. Because of this stance, disclosing food as “genetically modified” or bioengineered is voluntary. None of the associated processors opt for this disclosure because 87% of people polled in 2008 by CBS do not want to eat manipulated food (Miller, 2009). Eighty percent of processed foods lining grocery store shelves are genetically modified. It is doubtful the general public is aware of this fact.