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Organic food

Organic food – A better alternative

The number of people that buy organic food is on the rise which is excellent news for people who produce it as well as the environment we all live in. Some people buy it because it’s better than other alternatives and its production doesn’t harm the environment.

As you may know, the organic food production doesn’t involve any meddling with chemicals (artificial fertilizers and other human-made things) and the product is 100% natural. Research has shown that organic food contains more antioxidants and vitamins due to the absence of fertilizers and pesticides which make it a healthier alternative.

The primary reasons to buy organic food

Organic food aOrganic farming is nature-friendly due to lack of chemicals that end up in earth and water. An excellent example of that is the number of small animals (insects and such) and different plants (along with the plant that the farmer is growing) you will find on a farm that cultivates the organic food.

There are only a small number of people who don’t know how animals are treated on the big farms. Those creatures are constantly indoors, and they don’t get to walk around and consume various food. The food they get is full of chemicals that make them grow rapidly (GMO feed). The animals and organic farms get to spend a lot of time on pastures, and they eat only natural food. If you ever tried meat from an animal that is raised in this way, then you know that it’s several times tastier than every day produces the majority of people eat.

Say no to poison

The amount of toxins that producers of the food use is unbelievable. Some types of apples get sprayed up to sixteen times with more than 35 pesticides. And they call that natural?

All those products they serve us have undergone some form of genetic modification to grow faster and to yield bigger crops. The natural selection isn’t present and due to that the need for such a high amount of pesticides is necessary. You get the cheap product just because those crops produce more than an average plant can.

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