Registration of GMO food - ISB-GMO
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Registration of GMO food

Registration of GMO food

The GMO represent the food that is genetically modified through the use of gene technology. Do note that this is different from standard modification of the plants where they are exposed to harmful influences and only the best are chosen for breeding of next generation. GMO is a product that went through extensive artificial modification of its genes. This meddling with genes may cause some adverse effects, which is why there is a long and strict registration process of GMO food.

Legislation, authorization, and register

The bill introduces assessment of the GMO with the goal to protect the health of both humans and animals. It contains procedures that show how risky is the genetically modified food and whether it is better than the standard non-modified alternative. It also forced the producers to label their goods so the consumers can recognize it as GMO.

GMO registration processEvery user of GMO is known, and their product is tracked down. Not everyone can gain the right to use it, and they have to receive authorization before they get the goods. People can request these genetically modified seeds for cultivation and for marketing of the final product (whether that is food or feed).

The register of the GMO contains all approved genetically modified products. You can search it for particular plants and find which providers exist for it. If you have knowledge about a GMO that is in circulation and you can’t find it in the register, then you should submit a report. The GMO in question may have adverse effects on humans and animals (this ranges from physical defects to cancer, so be sure to report anyone that uses or distributes untested GMO).

GMO registration process

The whole registration process can last over a month and sometimes a couple of months. The safety and the health of people (and animals) are the most important thing, and thus the people that are in charge of registration don’t want to risk it. And this is great because it prevents faulty seeds from spreading on the market. A GMO plant may yield more products, but if those products cause health issues, then the plant in question shouldn’t exist.

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