Biotechnology – branches and index - ISB-GMO
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BiotechnologyBiotechnology is the science that uses various types of organisms and systems to improve existing and create new products. This term is employed in other fields of science (biomanufacturing, bioengineering and so on).

This area works on modification of the organisms (selective breeding and other similar things) as well as the genetic engineering of the said plants. The goal of biotechnology is to develop plants and animals that can withstand harsh conditions and resist diseases.

Fields of biotechnology

Biotechnology as such has several branches that may or may not overlap. Every branch has a different focus and different means that it uses, but many research reports are available to scientists from other departments (if they need data from one branch then they can send a request if the data isn’t open to public).

All branches, except bioinformatics, are color based. There is the Blue biotechnology that focuses on aquatic and marine application of this science (you won’t find many examples or reports of this branch).

White biotechnology is better known as industrial biotech. Its research and development are focused on organisms that can produce chemicals that are useful in the industrial sector. It also looks from naturally and artificially made chemicals that can destroy pollutants and sources of health-threatening hazards.

Green biotech is the most known branch as it focuses on agriculture. It, among many other things, designs plants that can survive in extreme conditions. Its research covers the design of pesticides that aren’t harmful to people and small animals that live among the crops. The ultimate goal of green biotechnology is to create organisms that have no need for pesticides.

Bioinformatics and index

Bioinformatics is the branch of the biotechnology that gathers all research report in one index. People that work on this may also review those reports to sort them out for the future use. The index that this branch creates gathers all data from research that happens in all other branches and compiles it at one place. Future researchers can access this index and use the data they find in their research and experiments.